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I just need this, all of it, to go away.

[mood| depressed] 
[music| Rihanna - We Ride]

Thank you.

I thank you for what you said to me. 

Looking back, I feel thankful to have found friends like
BFFF! -Zijun
Membars - Lyn / Sally / Shidah / Aadila / Aisyah / Elf
& Of course. Ridwan. (:

PS. Mark has left and headed home for Philipines yesterday. (random.)

BFF ; my bestfriend foreverevereverever! My other half. My sister. The best friend I never had. You know what, I'm so glad I have you around to catch me whenever I fall. To be there for me whenever I cry and to be there for me in the happiest times of my life. You know me inside out and I wouldn't imagine not being able to talk to you or fall out with you. I'm really glad I found you. And I'm really glad I pushed all negative things people said about you and went all out to befriend you. That was the best day of my life. And I'm really proud to call you my best friend. You're more than a sister, more than my other half, more than my best friend. You're someone extremely incredible, and I really want you to know that. I'm not just saying that because I have to or trying to make myself look good or anything. I said it because I meant every damn word I just said. Screw all bad things people have said about you. I know you better and I know you're so much better than what they claim you to be. You're nothing like what they ever said you to be. You're extraordinary. You're my girl. I got your back as much as you got mine. 

Lyn ; Kitcat! The crazy kid I always liked since last year. The kid whom I've shared alot of personal feelings, thoughts and other mad wierd and random thing I've ever thought about. The girl who stood up for me. The girl who did basically anything just so her friend's reputation wouldn't be tarnished. Lyn, Lyn. I may not show it much, but I care about you as much as you care about me. And I don't give a damn that all you do is to go mhmm when I complain. I don't give a damn that you may not seem like you care. But when you told me you did, and that you people got my back, I'm really believing that you do. I love being stupid with you. Twin-like or not, I care about you kid. And don't worry, I'm praying that you find your Mr. Right soon. And when he does, TELL ME! :P 

Elfira ; Oky. So we have our difference. Big deal. I care alot about you oky. Weather you notice it or not! And it doesn't matter if you care about me or not, just knowing that you're willing enough to be there. To accompany me. And be my camwhoring buddy. You're more than just all that you know. You're more than just whatever people say you are. I guess to my point of view, you may be as bad as you look and sound like. But deep inside, you can be pretty nice too. Considering all I've been though with you, I can't say I hate you. Cause I don't. And so it may be that we might dislike each other for whatever reasons. But I know, somehow - underneath all that you've said and done. No matter how you look, how you dress or how whatever else, you're gonna be my friend now and always. (:

Shidah / Aadila - Hmm. Ups and downs with them. Mostly downs. Mostly because we argue alot. And mostly because we have so many things we disagree about. But starting afresh with them, despite our previous bad relationship has been really really nice. And it feels nice to finally be able to talk to the two of you, without a worry. And I thank you guys for finally giving me a chance to prove to you that I'm not just your normal conceited pampered girl. You guys are the best.

Sally - What can I say? I met her on the first day of school. And I don't hate her. I used to dislike her sarcasm. But I don't anymore. She's a good friend. She is. That first day of school with her was a meaningful one. And I'm glad I befriended her then too! I still remember, her smiling at me. And I smiling nervously back. And she asked me what class I was in. And we freaked out after knowing we were both in the same class. She's funny and cute like that. I love her for being her. And I must say I don't mind that she shares her wierd thoughts with me. She's been good to me. 

Aisyah - My other best friend. Knows me like crap! She knows me, alot. She reads my mind. She knows what I'm saying. And she understands me for who I am. And she knows that I can be better than who I am today if I remained true to myself. She believes in me. And no matter how much she may never fucking show it, when she tells me she does - it feels nice.


Ridwan - Ah.. yes, yes. The best friend. To boyfriend. To ex. To brutal enemies. To friends. To boyfriend. That cycle with you has been the sweetest yet most painful cycle in my life. And waiting for you was hell worth it. And being where we are, celebrating our one month together soon feels extremely wonderful. I never use to wait on guys. But this wait was really worth it. What you said to me today really meant alot to me. And I think it kinda brought us even closer together. For taking me as who I am, not expecting much in return but just all the love I can give - you're the absolute best. I'm really glad you don't change me for who I'm not. Or evern influence me to anything that can cause me to behave and act differently. You're really one of a kind. And I don't care what musical you've been in nor what others say about you. I'm going to stick with my insticts and hopefully we do last long. I never regretted the day I met you and befriended you. And I don't regret being yours now. Best boyfriend ever, much? Yes. You are. Thank you for saying all you said to me today. You made me feel so much better. I love you. And I meant that. <3
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