NURASYIQQQ. <3 (syibear) wrote,

When will you learn to back off?

[mood| gloomy] 
[music| Danity Kane - Want It]

Worse day ever, much?

We're still negotiating weather we wanna go out or not. Gah. Slacks + Jersey. Who cares what I'm wearing there. I really don't care about my image or anything. Its 7.05PM, people. If you want to go out, we should go out now. And not still negotiate about it. Damn la. If you wanna go out, just iron your clothes, shower and all and shut up can? Like.. uh. Talk, talk, talk. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. But nobody's moving or getting ready. Shops close you know, fyi. Stupid. 

I'm getting irritated over little things. I don't know. I'm in such a crapy mood, its unexplanable. 

Why do I feel like I'm screwing up everything? Like I can't do anything right. I'm not the best daughter, girlfriend, friend. I feel that way. I'm a horrible kid. I don't do anything right. Keep comparing me with other people. I'm not them. Can you understand? I'm a bad girlfriend. I don't know how to keep up with his busy schedule. I never could. I'm not the best friend. I abandoned my best friend. I don't deserve to be her best friend. I abandoned her. I'm a screw up.

Nothing is oky.

Syiq. He's your boyfriend. She's your bestfriend.

She's been there forever and you abandon her. He's been there at your breaking down point early this year. And now he's yours. 

I don't like choosing.
I don't know how to spend time with both of them. Seperately. I'll abandon my best friend for Wan.
I never put Wan on hold.

I'm horrible.

... I'm a screw up.
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