NURASYIQQQ. <3 (syibear) wrote,

OF YEAR 2004.

Okiepokies, people. 6/1 + 6/2 COMBINED class gathering is up.
So now, voting is up and we have to choose where we want to go and stuff.
The poll is up, somewhere and I'm unable to reveal it here due to it being strictly for us, or some bullshit like that. :P
That dumbass by the name of Melford Soh, just informed me today.. so.

Contact me, a.s.a.p for the link.
Call / SMS / MSN / MySpace / Friendster / Knock on my house door.
You kids know where to find me.
Sembawang's so small.

Sadly, for those who are attached, like myself - 
the gathering is strictly for 6/1 & 6/2 kiddies only (2004 batch).
So that means :
- No outsiders
- No boyfriends / girlfriends (NOBODY wants to see you get your 'thing' on.)
- No siblings or whoever.

& noone else for that matter.

PS. Don't vote for Cycling, can? I don't know how to cycle la, asses. x____________x
(unless you're willing to give me a ride la..)
And try not to vote for Escape either. Cause some are afraid of heights. :D

PPS. KBOX?! WTH. WTH IS KBOX DOING IN THE POLL!? Kbox. Great. The world is turning gay on me.
PPPS. Six One kids, feel free to ask Melford for any info & Six Two kids can ask Lynn.

Looking forward to see you kids then.!

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