NURASYIQQQ. <3 (syibear) wrote,

life is a mess. the world turned dark on me.
i lost everything i needed and wanted in my life.
i'm sorry to those who believed in me, i'm a letdown.
i'm sorry for going back on my words by doing what you hate me doing most.
i'm sorry that i force myself to eat and let it out.
i'm sorry that i make myself thin the easy way out.
i'm sorry for turning back to this dark alley.
when i loose all hope in the world, this is what i do.
welcome to my reality.
meet the real me.

i'm not who you think i am.
i'm a total fake.
it takes time to know who i really am.
my passions, my joy, my life.
my reality is this. face facts.
i'm sick. i have problems with myself.

i am an obsession.
i'm that girl you love to hate.

for now, i'm gone.
not for good.
just for this period.

thank you for your concerns.

please go on and continue to stalk me.

my myspace info is at my userinfo.
add me everywhere else.
it'll be best if you AIM'ed me ; awakebymidnight

please don't abandon me.
please be here for me.
i need you.

i've moved.

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Hello. Good day
Who listens to what music?
I Love songs Justin Timberlake and Paris Hilton
people listen to music, i guess. =|
eh, i like loads of stuff.

i've moved.

its kinda obvious that i moved, innit?
I've moved to a new home on the web at -- I plan on posting thousands of icons, banners/headers, and tutorials there, as well as possibly some fonts and other graphic aides! Please friend me over there! Thanks!
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